Extinguishing Systems and Emergency Concepts for the Safe Handling of Battery Fires Over the Entire Product Life Cycle

The success of the energy and transport turnaround depends on the comprehensive and rapid transformation of important sectors of the economy and society, such as mobility, infrastructure, energy generation, and the production sector. A precondition for this is the safe use of the key technology “battery”. Currently, there are neither suitable technologies nor emergency concepts or instructions for handling (for example in the form of standards) to ensure sufficient manufacturing process and application safety in the event of fires. With the increasing spread of batteries, fire events can occur which are difficult to control without comprehensive knowledge of the expected chemical reactions and their mitigation options. The aim of the research project is to create the necessary safety across the entire battery value chain.

Based on comprehensive knowledge already available to the project partners from previous research work (SUVEREN/BMBF, Risk-Batt/BMWi, LISA 2 project), fire protection concepts and technologies as well as clear recommendations for handling emergencies will be developed.

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