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The success of the energy and transport turnaround depends on the extensive use of new energy sources such as batteries in particular. Up to now, there have been hardly any technical solutions and corresponding standards for controlling the fire protection risks associated with batteries. The aim of the SUVEREN2use research project is to create the necessary fire safety across the entire battery value chain.
The SUVEREN2use project is based on the results of the previous project SUVEREN (BMBF, 2017 – 2020) on the influence of new energy sources in vehicles on safety in underground infrastructure.
Within this project, important findings were developed, which are now being brought to the application level. In the process, the object of research will be extended to the entire life cycle of batteries.

The topic “safety” is the main focus of the three fields of interest:

  1. Development of fire protection solutions (technologies for firefighting) for the individual areas of the battery value chain inside and outside vehicles incl. production facilities and energy storage systems
  2. Development of a battery-integrated extinguishing system for the use in larger vehicles such as trucks, buses and trains as well as energy storage systems
  3. Development of emergency concepts for battery fires incl. instructions for proper disposal

The industry-led research consortium, consisting of companies active in various areas of the battery value chain (FOGTEC/Fire Protection; technotrans/Automotive-T1-Supplier; Lobbe/Disposal and Emergency Management), is scientifically supported by the University of Wuppertal and the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute.
The aim is to increase safety throughout the entire value chain by means of new technologies for fire detection and suppression and feasible recommendations for planners, manufacturing companies, emergency services, authorities and waste disposal companies.

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